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Some images of the American receivers on display at the AVRS July 2012 meeting
Cathedral Type 4 Valve 1934

Sparton 5 Valve 1934
Crossley 515, 5 Valve 1935

Philco Transitone 5 valve 1940s
Mirrortone 4F8 1950s

L Silvertone 1947 & R Arvin 1939
Zenith 1950 Westinghouse 1940s?
Zenith Clock AM FM 1950s Silvertone 1950s
Warwick TRF 4 Valve 1930s Westinghouse 121 5 valve
"Fridge" model
Emerson personal portable1940s Motorola 1940s
Zenith 1950s Peabody (with resistive power
cord) 1940s
Emerson 1940s RCA Victor 1950s