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The 10th Anniversary Project
To recognise the 10 years of operation of the AVRS a home construction project has been developed by a most able and respected member of the Society.  The cabinet is constructed of formed plywood with provision for a circular speaker.  The receiver is a free choice either using a production chassis or perhaps a design extracted from other sources.  The AVRS has proposed a TRF design as described in Radio & Hobbies of September 1948, see AVRS News May 2017.

A kit of precision precut wood panels/parts has been produced by the AVRS.  The cabinet requires some special techniques to achieve the required shape and suitable jigs etc are available on loan to all builders purchasing the kit.

Availability of the Kit
The kit of parts to build the wooden cabinet is only available to bona fide members of the AVRS.   Here is the order form for the kit.

Here are the instructions for the assembly of the wooden cabinet kit.